New nintendo 3ds xl japan price

New nintendo 3ds xl japan price


As January wears on we’re getting to the post-Holiday stages in terms of buzz and sales. Not many new titles are coming out, and reveals are thin on the ground as game companies draw breath and put plans in place. With that in mind we have a fairly unremarkable set of Media Create chart results out of Japan, albeit new nintendo 3ds xl japan price some solid news for Nintendo among the sales drops. Starting with software, the latest Atlus title takes the top two places on PS Vita and PS4.

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What follows is the usual batch of evergreen titles on Wii U and 3DS, with Card Fight! The results are below with lifetime sales in brackets. In hardware we have fairly hefty sales declines across the board. PS4 and Vita, while the Wii U drops again but is still in five figures.

The results are below with last week’s sales in brackets. A quiet week, overall, with the inevitable January lull taking hold — despite this there’s still some cheer for Nintendo as its hardware and games maintain some momentum. Looks like Wii U is starting to come back down to reality now. Just wait till the NX is fully revealed then that will most likely drop even more.